Experimental theatre has grown and has experimented with itself over time. From the first sessions in the halls of Chhabildas High school to rehearsals and performances in specially built, intimate performance spaces. From handling socially aware topics to exploring movement and performance, the experimental theatre has come a long way.   Witnessing this growth was Shafaat Khan, while being an active part of that movement. He has written and directed Marathi plays over decades and seen the growth and the change of experimental theatre. His plays include Kisse, Policenama, Gandhi Aadva Yeto, Popatpanchi and Dry-Day. Shafaat Khan recently got awarded for his work by the Sangeet Akademi.   Interviewing him is eminent theatre actor and the DSM faculty Akshay Shimpi. Akshay also happens to have learned a few things theatre from Khan and they share a guru-shishya relationship.

Credits: Drama School Mumbai, YouTube Channel

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THWV9VBGMvc&list=PL01vSgXkC43ojEEDguPSQFz2P1G2ACYUr&index=18